What's the difference?

What exactly is a senior photo? Is it the same as a yearbook photo? NO! There are huge differences between the type of senior photo session I offer for my clients and the traditional yearbook photo.

All over the country, senior photos are done differently. In some areas it is super popular and in other areas it is not. And in the  Harker Heights, Killeen, and Belton areas, yearbook photos have to be taken by the school appointed company so everyone's looks exactly the same. You can't have your photo taken on your own and submit it to the yearbook.

So, when I first started and mentioned senior photos, some of you  immediately thought, "I'll just get the yearbook photo taken." But you are missing out on something special if that is the only way you capture your senior year! 

So how is the yearbook photo different from a senior portrait experience? Let me explain. 

The Yearbook Photo

Let's start with what a yearbook photo is...a yearbook photo is the photo that all seniors have to get in order to be in the yearbook. These photos are typically taken in July or August before the senior year begins. They are done at the high school with a large photo company that sets up a backdrop and artificial light. All seniors have the same photo taken wearing the same thing. For boys that means a fake tux and for girls that means a black drape. This is done so that the yearbook photos all look uniform and consistent. I actually think for the yearbook it does make for a nice look that is very traditional. However, that is where it should end and the type of shoot that I offer should begin. According to one senior who just had her yearbook photo taken, "It felt unnatural and was not creative or personal at all."

The ADP Senior Experience

With a senior photo experience, YOUR personality shines! Each session is planned according to each client. Seniors can wear whatever they want and have more than one outfit to really showcase their personality. Props can be used and seniors can choose a few different locations to really showcase what they love. From a country field type setting to an urban downtown location, each client can pick what works best for them.

In addition to the different outfits and the different locations, my senior photo shoots can begin with professional hair and makeup (for the girls) which allows each client to feel really special and look their absolute best for their shoot. This is an add on but makes the experience amazing! 

The entire process of a senior portrait process is an experience you won't forget. We get to know one another, I make sure to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera, I spend time with you at hair and makeup (if you do hair and makeup) and give you guidance throughout the entire process. Unlike the yearbook photo which is a process of getting as many seniors through as possible, a senior session with ADP is one that allows me, the professional, to guide you, the senior, through the process and make sure you get the most out of your experience. After all, you are only a high school senior once and I want to make it as memorable as possible.

After the photo shoot, I guide you and your parents through the order process. I show you a slideshow of the images and help you pick the products that fit your needs best. From digital images that allow you to show off your photos in a variety of ways to large prints or graduation announcements, you are able to choose what works for you. And you can ask questions and create something special just for you if that is what you want. I am with you throughout the entire process.

So if you are looking to capture your senior year in a fun, unique way, book a senior photo session with ADP and don't just get the yearbook photo. I am currently booking for the Class of 2024, and I would love to work with you. Contact me by emailing me at angiedavisphotographytx@gmail.com  or go to my website at www.angiedavisphotography.com/seniors  to get more information.